About Our Realtors

The hardest working, most productive team year after year.

Professional and Dedicated

Our agents are uniquely qualified to acquaint you with the greater Ann Arbor area, and to assist you with buying and selling property. Our recruiting process is highly selective and, upon joining the company, each Reinhart agent completes a rigorous 100-day in-house training program that is considered a model for the industry. On-going seminars and workshops keep them abreast of the latest industry developments. The average Reinhart agent has more than 7 years of market experience; most of our agents spend their entire careers at Reinhart.

Our agents are backstopped by the most experienced team of sales managers in the local industry, and by unparalleled in-house closing, relocation, marketing and advertising staffs. All of these resources are brought to bear when you select a Reinhart agent.